Monday, October 27, 2014

Oct 27     Happy Halloween!
Thanks for the pictures! Those costumes look simple, yet dashing! Halloween out here will involve preaching the Gospel! I think we are the only people in history that would knock on some one’s door, and we give them the trick, that we aren’t in costumes! Needless to say, all is well out here in Powder Springs! God is good! The fall is definitely upon us (not Adam’s, that has always been there). Not tricks here though, what you see is what you get in this email!
Up: We were blessed to see Krysta baptized and confirmed this past week! It was definitely a tender mercy of the Lord which brought me back to this area. The Gospel is in fact true and it changes lives, which is personally my favorite thing to see!
Up: I got to spend a whole week with both of my companions, although, that will come to an end tonight. We will be splitting for another week, and probably every week after that. I have been blessed with some of the greatest companions throughout my mission. God is very mindful of our needs!
Down: Where has October gone??
Up: Miracle of the week has to be the other day as I was out with a member who is hard to have come out and teach with us! We had two solid lessons and as we were leaving I felt inspire to talk to these younger girls nearby. They pointed me in the direction of where they stay and said that there Mom needs a prayer. We courageously followed the Holy Spirit, and met with Nicole and her three kids. She has been praying for guidance and has not been to church in three years. She knows that her family needs to be there. Our member was able to invite her, offer the ride, and was so pivotal with his testimony. We taught the Restoration right there, and she accepted to be baptized. One of her relatives passed away, so she was unable to come to church, but she will be set for next week! More than anything, the member was the one I felt that benefited most. After we wrapped up, he told me that he will come out with us any time. As we help these members experience the Doctrine of Christ, they cannot help but want more! 
That is about all I have yet again. You’re all incredible! Every last one of y’all! Please let me know if there is anything I can do! Fight the good fight! Keep the faith! Be happy, be successful! Have a blessed up week!
Elder Dallan Barnes

 Search inward with humility, but reach outward with love.

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