Monday, November 3, 2014

Spooky Days!
November is officially here! That spooks me a little! More spooky than Dad without facial hair ;) Glad to hear Halloween was well out there in Utah! It was another grand one out here in Georgia! And it has officially turned cold! It dipped below freezing for a time. We even some scattered flurries! We are in for a cold one! Cold as the rockies!
  Up:  Monday, we were fulfilling the expectation of making forty calls and by the 40th call we struck the one we needed to find. We spent the next 20 minutes mourning with Isha, bearing her burden. She weepingly informed us that she had just barely gotten off the phone with someone who has her in between a rock and a hard place. She had nowhere else to turn, yet the Lord prepared a way for us to truly represent Him. It was so touching to me to have this intimate moment with someone who I had never spoke to or known before. The Lord is certainly preparing people! He has also prepared me so that I could be ready when called upon!
 Up: Bro. Valvo from the Twin Oaks Ward, a member that I got to know really well, actually moved intot he ward boundaries. He was moved over here by the VA recently. It was really good to hear from him and how well he was doing. He won his court case and is almost out of the mess he was in when I first met him nine months ago! I also got to see John Steele at the Trunk or Treat! He is doing well!!
 Down: The Halloween costume, well, my companions copied me.  
 Up: Tuesday we had our team up coming out with us, our appointments set. The Lord had to steer us elsewhere, as we discovered. The meetings fell through, but in passing we met the neighbor of our investigator. His name is Jatayvious, and he actually started speaking to us. We quickly found out that he had been searching for truth for the past five years. He has an infant son who is 8 months old, and was recently married. They both have been looking for a church home where they can raise their family correctly! He told us he was pulled into talking to us and that he felt something he had never felt. He even asked us when he and his family could be baptized. To which we responded, November 29th. We are looking forward to meeting with them more. He was unable to come to church due to work, but his he has work off this next Sunday!
 Thanks for the email as usual! I am glad y’all are so reliable! Please let me know what I can do to help! Fight the good fight, keep the shield of faith up, keep the Armor of God on always! Have another blessed up week! Love you all so much!!
Elder Dallan Barnes

 Imagine, Believe, Become -- This is the Doctrine of Christ!

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