Monday, November 17, 2014

Nov 17
The Day has come!
Hello from rainy Georgia! I don’t even know what to talk about…. Why is it that the weather always comes up? In case you were wondering, it is supposed to get down to the ‘teens tomorrow. Hotlanta, going into hibernation! It was a superb week! God was very mindful of me on my escapades in the Lost Mountain Ward. It was gone in the blink of an eye, or several thousand if my calculations are correct. So let me tell you about the times that have passed as if it were a dream! Thanks for all of the Birthday wishes as well!
Up: I was able to reconnect with so many people! The Pestana family and Maria were some of the more prominent ones! It was so great! They came all came to church too! What was surprising was that these people hadn’t been seen in a good minute! Once again, half déjà vu half dream come true!
Up: We were fed by some of my most favorite families! The Shells, Barnes, Millers, Kroghs, Wiblins, Carnells, to list a few! I now recognize how I put on the kind of weight that I did! It was oh so worth it though! I love these families so much and many that aren’t even listed! Powder Springs is truly a blessed land!!
Down: I had to leave the great Carnell Basement again…
Neutral: I am getting older, yet wiser, that is what they say at least.
The most exciting thing that we get to do on the 20th, is actually hear from a member of the Seventy, Elder Kopischke! He is doing a fireside at 7:00 at the Temple! So that will be a unique birthday right there!
That is about all I got, thanks for the birthday wishes! Y’all are too good to me, even in my advanced age. Thanks for everything you do! Every prayer, thought, email, etc. It all adds up to so much to me! Please let me know what I can do to help! Fight the good fight! Have another super blessed up week :)

Elder Dallan Barnes……People die in bed, and so does ambition, so get out and make it happen!

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