Monday, November 10, 2014

Nov 10th
Dearest Beloved Family,
That is way too formal! The day is ours, so let’s cease it! It appears to me that this past week was taken by the horns, from Texas to Utah, and everywhere in between! The season of thanks rolls forth! It is surprisingly warmer than it was last year, although I will not complain! The leaves are changing now and my prayer is that we can find some of those whose hearts are changing too! Here’s the weekly update!
Up: The Zone Training Meeting at the Temple went well! We got a much larger portion of time to train and I actually had a similar experience to President Harding, in regards to some pain he felt Tuesday during a different ZTM. Thursday night, I had a series of back spasms and I was unable to even undress let alone to make it into bed. Breathing was even painful. I wasn’t even sure if I would be able to travel to the Temple. I turned and tossed all night, it amounted to less than an hour of sleep. All of this being said, the moment we hit the temple, sitting in the chapel, as I gazed into the Savior’s eyes, Matthew 11:28-30 came to my mind. The pain didn’t disappear, but it was almost nonexistent during our training segment. God definitely strengthened me to conquer my pains and afflictions. With God, nothing is impossible!
 Up: The top person I wanted to talk about was our investigator, Jatavius. He is doing so well! He was called into work this past Sunday (Satan’s a loser!). He is so close to be done and over with probation, it is crazy! He and his wife to be are going to have such a story to tell! He wants to come out and teach with us all the time when he gets the chance! He wants his kids to be missionaries! It is so amazing to see the light of Christ click on in people’s lives! We are still helping him work towards 11/29!
 Down: I’m sorry again, I don’t got anything for this…
 Up: I get to spend the next week in the Lost Mountain Ward, and do some damage that I left undone when I first served there! It should be a good run!
 Up: It was dusk, and turning dark quickly, as it seems to be nowadays. We knocked several doors, with no luck. No one wanted to hear from us. We persisted and were lead to the last door on the street. We knocked on the door and Christan came out, a little uneasy at first. We walked through the blessing approach and she opened right up. She expressed the pleas of her heart that we could include in this prayer for her. We later found out that she taught fifth grade and her Student Teacher is a member I know from the Lost Mountain Ward. The husband then pulled up and he had several employees that were members of the church. They think the world of the Church and have wanted to come and visit! They were unsure about baptism, but they already have so many positive experiences in their lives with the Church! Truly, we were lead to their home and we look forward to seeing them in the chapel this Sunday!
 Well that is about it once again! Another week in the history books! These are days never to be forgotten for sure! Please let me know what I can do for anyone of you! Thanks for the email! It makes the week kick off the right way! Have another super duper blessed up week! Fight the good fight! Enjoy to the end! Love you all so very much!

Elder Dallan Barnes…………………The Principle of Obedience is Paramount

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