Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Jan 20th

We had a dream,
Then we woke up. That’s the way that this story ends. It’s a real cliffhanger. But on a real note, it is amazing to be here in the South, to walk the land the Martin Luther King Jr led his charge at the civil rights realm. As you know, we got to labor yesterday, and our dreams came true! What about yours? It was a most excellent day, and week even! Maybe I am still in a dream. The new area is great, also seems like a dream! No nightmares here though! I am in the great land and great crossroad and highway of the nation, where all the cool kids come, and where the buffalo roam, otherwise known as Cassville, Georgia! This place is phenomenal! My companion is Elder Terhufen (it is German, butcher the names as you desire!). It sufficeth me to say that we have our work cut out for us! But there is no place that I would rather be than right here right now! 
Up: We were out an about, on the bikes, late at night, seeking out the prepared, when we saw these three brothers moving some things out of an apartment. We approached them, declaring that we represent the Savior, and if they needed help. They said no, one of them, TJ, got a little defensive. We did offer to leave them a prayer, of which they accepted, one of the brothers, Jeremy, was all for it. We prayed, failed to get Jeremy’s number, and feared we wouldn’t find him again. We went back to the same neighborhood, knocked a door, and out came Jeremy. He explained that he left Detroit a few months ago to make some changes and get a better bearing in his young life, and has been looking for a church home. He then expressed his desire to be baptized, and Elder Terhufen dropped the invitation! He is wanting to be baptized on the 21st of February!
Up: My companion, Elder Terhufen, is the man! He is actually 21, did computer science in college! He is from Gilbert/Globe Arizona! He is so much further ahead of me than I was when I was at the beginning of my mission. He reminds me a lot of myself, it is amazing how every companion had been that way! My prayer is that I can be the kind of missionary that will help him soar! 
Down: No further downs, your honor! It’s been all up this week! 
Up: We had a miracle yesterday, as we were looking for that same TJ man. We were led to what we believed was the address that TJ sent us to, but we were yet lead another prepared twenty four year old young man named Javan. He has never been baptized, moved away from home just barely, is looking for a church home, and has been looking for more peace and direction in this life, in addition to building a foundation. He identified us as representatives of Christ, and knew we had something that was different. We have been sending up prayers of thanks often because the Lord is truly pointing us to where the people are!
Up: The Cassville Ward is primed and ready to go! We met the Bishop and Ward Mission Leader quickly and they are more than happy to connect and unite! We have a goal of twelve baptisms, and we will be making it happen with their help! We are in the sticks! So much southern, I love it! 
The Address is:
204 Governors Ct
Cartersville, GA 30121  
Thanks for all the support and love! Keep up the good work! Fight the good fight! I will look forward to hearing from y’all real soon! Love you all so much! Have a blessed up week!! 
Elder Dallan Barnes 

Through Faith, Worlds were framed!

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