Monday, January 5, 2015

Jan 5th
The question,
Let’s talk straight, how many of y’alls New Year’s resolutions are intact? Congratulations on what you have accomplished so far! Keep up the good work! It is also only the beginning of the year so get back on the train if you already fell off! 2015 is upon us! President Harding has decided that we as a mission are going to find 15 in 2015, one being ourselves, at least ten being converts, and four being less active families. He is truly inspired! What 15 things do y’all plan to do in 2015? I got to say, if one of the 15 isn’t email me every week… I’m just joking! Y’all do a most excellent job! I understand life is busy, so no biggie if things come up! I am so grateful for y’all! All is well out here! We are still working with Princess, she should be ready to roll real soon! But here’s the week in a nut shell:
Up: I think the miracle that I would like to share today is actually from the exchange we did with the Elders from Carrollton. We were out finding and I couldn’t help but think we were needed somewhere else. Elder Stewart said we should knock just a few more doors. The very next door we went and found a family, we met the father and daughter from Haiti, Jean and Keyoni. We quickly discovered that Jean has colon cancer and the doctors have indicated that there is nothing they can do. I felt like the Savior in Mark 9. Both of them were in tears speaking of the imminent fate the doctor’s were proposing. They need a miracle, they both recognized that we were sent there for a reason. The Spirit was so strong, nearly having myself in tears. I could feel their pain, the anguish that was there. They need the peace that the Plan of Happiness brings! We had the chance to pray with them, share a few scriptures, then followed up with them a few days later. Their spirits were so much higher when we came back. Things are looking up, miracles await! I am so very grateful to represent our Savior. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity!
Down: Our Saturday was stacked, nine back to back appointments. Then real life happened… We were so blessed to teach two of those lessons. What I do know is that the Lord knows all, and perhaps these people weren’t quite ready or we were protected from some form of danger. I still feel like we thrusted in our sickles! Maybe next week! 
Up: We were speaking with a lady at the mail box, Anita, and we somehow (what are the odds) got on to the topic of the Gospel. We set up an appointment with her for the weekend, got a member of the ward to come with us, and taught the Restoration. She has two boys, 8 and 3. She is super successful, will have her MBA in a few months, and all she wants is to be where the Lord needs her. She accepted to be baptized! She will be reading the Book of Mormon and she will be bringing her family to church. It was divinely appointed how everything came together. It was a miracle we even had the member with us. What I do know is that prayer works! God gave the increase! 
That is a wrap my fine family and friends! Hope this is a most excellent week ahead of y’all! Please let me know what I can do to help! Have a blessed up week! Fight the good fight of faith! Love you all so very much!
Elder Dallan Barnes 

Every day we are forming the substance of Eternity.

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