Monday, January 26, 2015

Jan 26th
From the Cassvillains,
We may or may not have come up with that in our spare time. I think it has a nice ring to it! But what an amazing week it has been! The Lord has made more than miracles happen for us! Thanks for the email too! That is a miracle! It is a miracle to be above the ground, to walk, to speak, listen, hear, and love. Everything else is just icing on the cake!
Up: A member out here named J-hon, pointed us in the direction of one of his good friends this past week! Come to find out that it is a family, The Cutrie’s, of four, that have been to church out in Acworth! They have been struggling a little, and were in need of some faith building. I felt the Spirit quite strong as we visited with them. We labored to get them a ride to church and it came crumbling down as one of the kids got the flu. Typical Satan… I can see them in white though, as a family. It is hard to explain what it feels like, but what I do know is that we Represent Jesus Christ. It is something that I so earnestly desire to hold onto! There has been no greater happiness that I have experienced than to see people change, to see people desperate for help, and to feel as the Savior would in helping them. This is truly an experience that everyone should look into! As you help others, the immediate impact in your own life is incomprehensible!
Up: This week has been a total flop if you consider how many meetings we had set, that fell through. Every last one of them! To make things even more comical, we had members with us almost every night. The Lord so lovingly though, showed us who we really needed to see each and every night! We were out with a member, and we just kept swinging, trying to get in and teach someone. We went to an apartment complex where we had a few investigators. The one we wanted to see didn’t answer, but the neighbors had trash outside. We knocked on their door and offered to help them, and then try to create an opportunity to teach. The first lady, noped us, still took the trash. Then as we were about to leave, there was one other door that had trash. The Spirit prompted me to go back. We almost immediately found out why. It was a family of four that loved the Mormon Advertisements back in the day, and were super eager to have us come by. It was such a tender mercy to meet this family who had just moved from West Virginia.
Up: I was able to put my rain coat to the test this past week, and she is still sea worthy, or more precisely, Georgia Worthy! There were two nights that we were biking to our hearts content in the rain. We also happened to find some really awesome people too! The blessings of heaven were poured out for us! 
Up: The biggest miracle of the week would have to be the chance we had to follow up on our investigator Will just yesterday. We set a return appointment one week out and it totally held through. He was eager and anticipating our visit. We taught him the full Restoration with a Member with us. He explained that the things we shared were, “The missing chapter in his life.” And how all he wanted to do was please God and to help his family. He has been to prison a time and has wandered off the path, but it is amazing to see how prepared he is. He accepted to be baptized and asked if we had a calendar. I totally left my other Book of Mormon that had a Calendar in it. We improvised and he set everything up in his phone! We will be seeing him twice this week and at Church also! God definitely placed us in his path the cold wet night! Many are prepared!!  
That is an official wrap! Thanks for everything that y’all do! Have another blessed up week! Fight the good fight of faith! Love you all so very much! Let me know what I can do with my limited resources out here in Georgia!

Elder Dallan Barnes 
Practice makes Permanent

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