Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Dec 29th
Long time no see!
That’d be a lie, because I saw y’all, you saw that I saw y’all, and neither of us can deny it! It was the best part of Christmas for sure! Thanks for being the same incredible family! Sounded like the Christmas Spirit was loud and clear for all y’all! Thanks for sharing just a moment of it with me! So many incredible things are happening here in Kennesaw. This is the right place!
Up: Clearly, it was speaking with y’all! But everything surrounding Christmas was really touching, truly. We were so well taken care of and felt loved everywhere we went. I was so glad to share that love with others. I wish I could have done more in return for these amazing members. I hope that someday I can make the impact on a missionary or someone that these people have had on me! Namely, the Ravsten’s, the Ohman’s, the Brooks, the Thurstons, Bro. Kuczma, the list can go on and on! It was a special set of days! 
Up: We met with Princess on the 23rd and we had planned to teach her how she can know better of God’s love. She asked the question earlier,”Where is God in all of my suffering?”. We spoke of Prayer, Scripture Study, and Attending Church. In all three cases she came to the conclusion that God was nearby. Rewind, before the lesson started, we opened up to Acts 17:27-29. We came to find out that a member family in the ward gave her a Christmas Gift, one of our Recent Converts took her shopping, and another Member took her to go pick up a bike for her son, Jeremiah, out in Marietta. It was a serious out pouring of God’s love! So amazing to be a part of it all! 
Down: I didn’t quite finish the Book of Mormon by Christmas. Maybe next year! 
Up: A miracle for you happened on the 23rd with Elder Hollingsworth on an exchange (he serves here in Kennesaw Mountain as well). We were doing some inspired tracting around our members, in the rain, and hit door after door of people that would like to have us back, but we came to one door we felt so good about. We met this Nigerian family of eight that welcomed us right in and had several questions for us. I love teaching families! They accepted to be baptized as they came to know that it was true and invited us back over to try some authentic Nigerian food and have a lesson! We are super excited for this family! We were totally led to them! Earlier I had been discussing with Elder Hollingsworth about our difficulties in finding and then Lord gave the increase! God definitely still inspires men!  
Thanks for everything, seriously! I am ever so grateful that I have y’all in my life! I love you all so very much! Please keep up the smiles and the good times! I love you all, seriously! Please let me know what I can do to help! Have another blessed up week! Fight the good fight! 

Elder Dallan Barnes

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