Monday, December 22, 2014

Dec 22

Merry Merry Christmas Y’all!
Another Christmas is upon us! It will be such a treat to see and hear from you real soon! Looking forward to it! It seems all is well back at the ranch! Everyone survived their finals which is a blessing in and of itself! Next semester is coming right up so get the rest you need! Enjoy the goodies as well! Personally, I think Georgia is the place to be for Christmas, but you can try to disagree with me on that! Thanks for the emails! My week was swell! A lot of things great things are happening here!
Up: We had a special Christmas Conference at the Temple this week with half of the Mission. It was a magical time! There was a catered BBQ dinner. Much singing. Many testimonies were offered. The Spirit of Christmas was certainly felt! It was memorable! I will never have anything like it in the rest of my life! I was soaking it up. Jesus Christ is Christmas! 
Down: I decided that I am not very talented. At least musically! We have some very gifted people here in this mission! I try to console myself saying that my gifts can’t be shared at events like that. Maybe a gift of mine is rationalizing………
Up: Princess Davis and her two kids! They came to the Ward Christmas Party! It is just a matter of time and getting her to quit smoking. She already has the desire to do such, so we do not anticipate any difficulty as we move forward. They are progressing well, but probably won’t be baptized this month! They will make it though!! It is so incredible to see people’s faith growing and their hearts changing! 
Up: I get to see y’all in a few days! I think we are doing dinner around 6:00PM, so the skyping could be before hand, but more than likely it will be after. Does that work? Thanks for the Christmas Packages too! We are so spoiled here! Elder Richardson is amazed! 
Up: The miracle this week was in finding and locating another family that is in distress. I studied Alma 28 and it is mentioned in verses 13 and 14 the great reason we are called to diligently labor in the Lord’s vineyard. Which is to remove the snares and prevent the snaring of the heart’s of God’s children from the adversary. People really are taken by his schemes. Alicia and her family of three we found the other day. They are in a difficult spot and are in need of a miracle. Alicia is raising all three of her kids away from her family in Ohio. She moved to give her kids a better life than she had. She recognized that her faith was going to be the key here in moving forward. She had plans to come to church but they were changed due to some interesting circumstances. We will be seeing her this week and helping her along to church. She wants her kids to be baptized with her and created a foundation where they will strengthen one another, because each other is all that they have. It was a humbling experience to say the least! I do know that they can make it though! 
Thanks for the emails and the Love! We will look forward to conversing here right quick! Please let me know what I can do for y’all! In order to capitalize on the Skype Time, let’s have some ideas before we chat! Y’all have done so good with that so far! Enjoy the Quiche the White Elephant Party! Love you all so much! Have a blessed up week! I will see you soon! Fight the good fight! 
Elder Dallan Barnes 

He is the Gift!

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