Monday, December 15, 2014

Dec 15
It sounds like the madness is happening out in Utah! I wish all of you the best for the finals that are upon you! I don’t happen to have any exams like that. The only final I have to worry about is, well, there really isn’t any, not any that I want to discuss. But Christmas! Right around the corner! That is incredible! Sounds and looks like Christmas Cheer is being had! Let me run you through the week!
Up: We survived and thrived in the Zone Conference we had the privilege of running! We totally rallied around a Zone goal. We originally set a goal of 28 Baptisms, but with an increase of faith, the Zone agreed to 48 by the end of the transfer! We had no agenda and let the Spirit guide. We are surrounded by the Noble and Great! The Zone also came to the conclusion to fast for these 48 souls! We fasted Tuesday night through Wednesday and had a Zone Miracle Call to conclude and celebrate! It was remarkable the testimonies and experiences that were shared. 
Down: A bit of a cold has caught me. It isn’t even cold out here. What gives?? I suppose the Lord is wanting to make me work a little harder. 
Up: We had 5 minutes before we had to be on a conference call, and we felt inspired to hit one more door. We knocked on it, and out came a lady that said that there was someone that really wanted to talk with us that just left. Much to our amazement, she ended up being the one we needed to speak to. She was distraught by somethings she had discussed regarding who can go to heaven. She asked us how she could know that she would be in Heaven and not Hell! Her name is Glory and she is from Nigeria! She accepted a date to be baptized right there on the door step! The time we have is precious! Anything can happen in just a moment!
 Down: Princess might be moving. She has hit a bit of a rough patch and is considering her options. She didn’t quite make it to church either. We’ll keep working with her!
Up: The miracle for this past week for you stems around a darker cold night, namely Friday. One door after another, rejection, often rude too. I questioned if we needed to be there. I felt such unrest that we needed to be, and we hit one more door. Out came a lady named Tiffany. She moved from South Carolina to get a fresh start. She is a young mother with 2 young children. I had an epiphany, as did Elder Richardson, of the Missionary Mom from Meet the Mormons. She accepted to be baptized right there! She wants more peace in her life! I don’t think I have felt so strongly about someone at a door than this woman. We will be following up with her this week and helping her experience God’s love! It was a testimony to both of us that there are many prepared and the only way to find them is by the Spirit, through much prayer and courage to follow impressions!
Thanks for all that you do for me! It makes me so happy to hear that all is well! Love you all so much! Please let me know what I can do to better help any one of you! Fight the good fight! Have a blessed up week!
Elder Dallan Barnes
If Satellites can guide cell phones, Heavenly Father can guide His Children.

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