Tuesday, December 2, 2014

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You Big Turkeys!!
It is so good to hear from everyone yet again! I am so grateful for you! I love you all so much! On a scale of one to stuffed, how was Thanksgiving? Mine was most excellent! December is upon us! What in the world?? I just don’t understand where time has gone! What I do know is that I am here in Georgia, and there is not a place I desire else to be! I’m just out here climbing Mountains! Namely, the Kennesaw assortment! It is a bone chilling 65 degrees out here. I am not complaining either! It was a weird week considering I spent more time away from our area, but I thoroughly enjoyed it all!
Up: I had the chance to spend a few days on bike! I spent two days in Carrollton with the mighty Elder Holy, the last time I was around him was in the MTC! He is one spectacular Elder! We had many miracles, but one in particular while we were out biking, Elder Holt and I had plans but nothing was panning out. The appointments we had slipped out of our reach, and we were left wondering what was next. We were walking to a door and I saw a lady walking towards hers across the street. I had a feeling I need to talk with her. I stopped, stared at the clouds, pondering the beauty of this Earth, and then asked her what the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. The conversation turned towards God’s grandeur, and the miracles she had witnessed. Martice was not supposed to live past 5 due to her health problems, but now she is proud to have two children and one grandchild. She wanted a chance to have a remission of her sins and she accepted to be baptized! It was the Lord, yet again, looking after us and putting us in the right place! God is good! I am so thankful for a loving Heavenly Father! Many are prepared! It was all worth it to find her that day! She will be coming to church next Sunday!
Down: Both my companions are leaving me! Elder Kennedy leaves to Brazil Tuesday evening. Elder Pack will be leaving at the transfer meeting! I am going to miss these two! I love these brothers so very much! I will be remaining in place and getting just one companion. Who knows, maybe we will pick up a third if I stay here long enough! I am excited though!
Up: We had the chance to spend our Thanksgiving at the great Clark family’s home! It was an incredible place to be and much food, fun, and jubilation was had! They were so generous to have us over! We even had some Eggnog Mousse Pie! The other thing I am proud of, I did not gain any weight! That’s a real kicker!
 Up: One other quick miracle that we saw, me and Elder Pender as I was on exchanges out in Lithia Springs. When I was there for a week we found some incredible people that somehow fell through the cracks! We were able to relocate them and the one that I felt so good about, we dropped in,Terrence and Tiffany. They weren’t home but their Tiffany’s Mom came out to speak with us. She opened right up telling us how much we helped Tiffany the one day we knocked on their door. She then explained her situation and how she knew we were sent by God to see her. She had just been praying and poof, there we are! She accepted to be baptized and we will be working with all of them. She said she was going to post us on Facebook because we were that answer to her prayers! It is amazing to know that you are in the right place at the right time! 
Well, I have to get jamming! Y’all are incredible and I love you so much! Please keep fighting the good fight! Find someone to serve this holiday season! True giving is receiving! Hope you have an excellent blessed up week!
Elder Dallan Barnes

Doubting Disables Divine Delicacies!

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