Monday, September 22, 2014

Sept 15

Buenas Dias!
It is so darn good to hear from y'all again! What a glorious day to be living in! I am so blessed and highly favored as my people around here would say! What's good? Well let me go ahead fill you in!

Up: I have officially landed in a foreign land, called the Kennesaw Mountain Ward. Coincidentally next door neighbors to the Lost Mountain Ward! Powder Springs is the place to be! I absolutely love it here and I am so ecstatic to be back! There surely is not a better place to be serving! I got to see some familiar faces! My companions are great! Elder Kennedy is from Portland and is waiting on a visa! We have served around each other and I am glad to be his companion! Good things are to come this transfer! Elder Pack is a great new missionary that I get to work with! I have been so blessed with all of these great missionaries. Case in point, my mission experience is the greatest, no question!
Down: I didn't get much of a chance to say goodbye to many of the people in Decatur. That place has a portion of my heart there! I will miss it dearly!
Up: First day in the area, we were out with a member, and he offered to take us to Golden Corral (missionaries could never say no to that sort of thing!) No joke, the first person we saw, Kenyetta, lifted her voice and told us that we need to say a prayer with her and her coworker! We prayed right there (we didn't get much of a discount... Maybe there are coupons or something in heaven). She has been looking for a church lately, she was supposed to come, but Satan kept her from coming by her getting called into work. She hasn't committed to a date to be baptized, but she is praying about one.
Up: We are teaching a man named Bro. Hoyt. He is from New York. He and his wife have the best accents I have ever heard. It resonates so well because all we hear is some Southern. I can't go over there and not get a good laugh while teaching the Gospel! He is moving towards baptism real soon! Just have some things to work through!
Sounds like everyone has up and left! I hate to say I am part of that Mom. That is some ridiculous money though Mom! Maybe she can treat you to something. Hang onto the memory card though, for now. I need to take more pictures for sure! I'll do better. I just don't know what to take pictures of or when to stop, we are so so busy! I still do have a car, the weather is cooling, which is nice.

Our Address is:
2105 Mesa Valley Way Apt #104
Austell, GA 30106
That is a wrap, thanks for fighting the good fight! For emailing, and everything else! I really appreciate it all so much! Let me know if there is anything that I can do for you! Have another blessed up week! Be grateful the Lord exects so much of us!
Elder Dallan Barnes
Know His Plan

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