Monday, September 29, 2014

Oct 29
So you’re saying there’s a chance!
What a crazy week! I still feel like there is not such a thing as a normal week out here, is that bad? It keeps things interesting, so I don’t mind it one bit! Do y’all ever experience ‘normal’ weeks? What is real life really like? What is normal all along…. And on that note, my week was great!
Up: Certainly one of the best ups for me this week was the chance I had to go back and spend a day in the Lost Mountain Ward! It was incredible! I love that place! We were blessed to be fed by the Phillip’s (don’t worry, it was just a ‘snack’). And also the Wallace’s and Collin’s had us over too! I got to reconnect with several investigators that I had taught. Last but not least, I got to spend time in the place I once called home…. The Carnell’s basement! It was good to see them especially! It was like this half déjà vu half dream come true ©. That rhymed. Copyrighted ;) . Everyone seems to notice how much weight I have lost. I will call it, the MARTA Diet!
Up Up: Bro Hoyt will be baptized on the 3rd of October!!! We are making final preparations, but it will be an incredible day! The ward is awfully excited for this! He has been a long process, but all is well! We also had Alonzo come to church again, and he also attended a fireside out in Douglasville (which we had to help coordinate). Sunday was a good day. I happened to bare my testimony as well, haven’t done that in a little while. It was a year ago that I first bore testimony from that pulpit. The Nostalgia!!
Up Up Up: General conference weekend!!! It is like Christmas all over again! Spiritual presents are being placed under our trees. The only problem is that we aren’t sure which tree to go to because there is so many here…. Kind of a problem. Maybe we just need to check under the tree of life :) Write down a question before conference, and I promise it will be answered as you watch! Soak it up!
Down: We need to find more families! You can never be teaching too much. Families need what we have in order to be happy forever. The Doctrine of Christ and the Doctrine of the Family are inseparably connected!
Well that is an official wrap to my week! Thanks for emailing and letting me know of yours! Keep fighting the good fight of faith, endure and enjoy to the end, look up and smile! Have another blessed up week! Love you all so very much and I look forward to hearing from y’all in a week! Let me know if there is anything that I can do!
Elder Dallan Barnes
 Patient Progress makes an Eternal Difference.

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